TP Tuned offers support to multinationals to gain control over their Transfer Pricing process

TP Tuned Methodology

Transfer Pricing risk management has become a top priority for multinationals. TP Tuned offers support to multinationals to gain control over their Transfer Pricing process based on the TP Tuned Methodology. As a central element of the TP Tuned Methodology, TP Tuned supports in setting up and maintaining a highly efficient Transfer Pricing documentation process.

Use the most reliable information

TP Tuned supports multinational’s finance or tax teams with setting up a Transfer Pricing Documentation process which retrieves Transfer Pricing information from the most reliable source within a multinational.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

TP Tuned uses specialized software to structure available Transfer Pricing data, identify gaps and provide the finance or tax team with custom made, complete, entity specific and compliant Transfer Pricing reports. These reports consist of a Master File and a Local File and are complemented with a summary of the report to facilitate easy reading and navigation.

The Transfer Pricing reports meet the highest OECD and local standards. The TP Tuned Methodology ensures complete and consistent Transfer Pricing documentation globally.

In addition, TP Tuned uses software to prepare a complete and accurate Table 2 of Country-by-Country Reports.


TP Tuned encourages and enables that local Transfer Pricing Documentation is put in place proactively for all group companies within a multinational. The timely preparation of consistent and compliant Transfer Pricing Documentation allows multinationals to increase their control over the Transfer Pricing process and reduces the time and costs spent on tax audits.

Cost efficient

The TP Tuned Methodology largely automates the Transfer Pricing Documentation process and is therefore highly cost efficient.

Track record

The TP Tuned Methodology has been developed since 2012 and has proven itself in over 60 countries. It has been successfully reviewed in various (tax and statutory) audits and has significantly reduced the time and costs spent on tax audits. Statutory auditors have referred to the Transfer Pricing Documentation prepared by TP Tuned as best in class.


TP Tuned can provide all benchmarks multinationals may need.

Transfer Pricing advisory services

TP Tuned has a broad experience in Transfer Pricing and can therefore provide all Transfer Pricing advice, e.g. in relation to Transfer Pricing processes, pricing processes, tax audits and benchmarking strategies.

TP Tuned’s mission is to support its clients with the preparation of best-practice, local Transfer Pricing files in a cost efficient way to enable compliance and control.