Our mission is to support our clients with the preparation of best-practice, global Transfer Pricing Documentation in a cost efficient way to enable compliance and control.


Easy to read, user-friendly Transfer Pricing Documentation with a clear structure.


Complete Transfer Pricing Documentation for companies in all countries.


TP Tuned has prepared Transfer Pricing Documentation for companies in 60+ countries and its client portfolio includes some of the largest multinationals operating in all major markets in the world.


No additional software or programs required.


Running at large multinationals, reviewed by advisors and (tax) auditors globally.


Integrated into Transfer Pricing process; full control for central tax department.

Best practice

Our Transfer Pricing Documentation is constantly improved with input from our clients and based on international developments.

Custom made

Containing all (and only) relevant information for individual entity


Single source of verified data.


Based on the latest OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines; adjusted for local requirements.


Prevent / close tax audits early stage.


Low cost and fast; communication and archiving through cloud solution of the client’s choice.

“Transfer Pricing risk management is a top priority for multinationals and starts with compliance”

Our approach

1. Analysis

We analyse available data,

2. Identification

We identify gaps and request additional data,

3. Preparation

We prepare individual Transfer Pricing Reports.

4. Improvements

We recommend on improvements.